3 Things Tobacco Can Do to Your Oral Health

smokingDo you smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco? This once glamorous habit is now known for causing your body way more harm than good—and tobacco can actually harm more parts of your body than simply your lungs and heart. In fact, tobacco can actually wreak havoc on your entire mouth as well. From yellowing your teeth to causing oral cancers, this article will discuss three of the ways that tobacco can damage your oral health. Read on to learn more.

  1. Yellowing Your Teeth

No one wishes for a smile filled with yellowed teeth. And most people will do just about anything humanly possible to get a whiter and healthier looking smile. If you are a smoker, however, one of the things that tobacco can do to your teeth is stain them in a yellowish tint. Because the tobacco plant itself is so potent and dark, the juices from the plant can get on your teeth if you are either smoking or chewing it and cause them to look a bit more tinged than healthy.

  1. Infections

Oral infections are a part of life and whether you smoke or not, you will likely develop one at one point or another. However, if you develop an oral infection and smoke while it is healing, it could further exacerbate the infection and delay the overall healing process. Because cigarettes are filled with other chemicals, these chemicals can seep into your blood stream and slow down your body’s natural ability to heal itself from infections. Additionally, the inhalation of smoke into an oral infection can also worsen the infection and prevent it from healing.

  1. Oral Cancers

In the health and medical field, nothing is quite as dreaded as hearing of the “c” word. With oral cancer affecting millions of people each year, it can be a scary and debilitating thing to learn of. Oral cancers are primarily caused by chewing or smoking tobacco products and will typically appear as sores in your mouth that won’t go away. If you notice any sores, contact Dr. Nik Zalavadia right away to get an oral examination.

Smoking used to be deemed as “sexy” and “sophisticated.” However, smoking is now a culprit to many oral health diseases and problems. If you would like to learn more about the damages of tobacco on your health or if you would simply like to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nik Zalavadia, contact our office today!

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