3 Ways to Recover from a Root Canal

root canalA root canal is a dental procedure that is done in order to help save a tooth that has become badly decayed or eroded. During this process, your dentist will remove the pulp that is inside of the tooth that has become decayed and could potentially lead to an abcess tooth. If you need to have a root canal done and are worried about the recovery involved in this procedure, read this article to learn more about the 3 best ways to fully recover and start feeling like yourself again.

  1. Reduce Swelling

After you receive a root canal, you will likely suffer from a lot of facial swelling which can not only be uncomfortable but unsightly as well. In order to reduce the swelling around your mouth and face, apply an ice pack to your face a few times a day. When choosing an ice pack to help with your face, make sure to choose one that is soft enough to conform to the lines around your face, because big block of ice might just contribute to further pain and discomfort.

  1. Eat Soft Foods

Root canals are fairly routine dental procedures that are done, and unlike a surgery such as having your wisdom teeth removed, you won’t have to worry too much about the foods you eat. However, for the following days after your root canal, avoid foods that are hard-to-chew like steak and raw fruits and vegetables. Instead, opt for a diet that is a little on the soft side like pasta and soups.

  1. Take a Pain Killer

After your local anesthetic wears off, you will likely notice that you will feel at least some sort of pain. If your doctor didn’t prescribe you with a prescription painkiller, take an over-the-counter pain reducer like Tylenol. Tylenol will not only help to take the edge off of the pain but it also won’t cause you to bleed more like Ibuprofen which is a blood thinner.

To learn more about root canals and how to best recover, contact our dental office today!



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