4 Foods to Naturally Whiten Your Teeth

teethwhiteningYes, it’s true sometimes the best cures and the best medicine can be found in nature. When it comes to whitening your teeth, the same is true. Although not as effective as things like laser whitening or bleach whitening that can be done at your dentists office, these four fruits and vegetables will help give you an all-natural, all-white smile.


It’s true what they say: An apple a day, keeps the doctor away. But is the same true for keeping the dentist away? Well, think about it— every time you bite into an apple, you are essentially brushing your teeth. As your teeth scrape against the hard surface of the apple, things such as tartar buildup and stains are almost instantly wiped clean.


Similar to the effect that apples have on your teeth, carrots provide an all-natural toothbrush for your teeth. Plus, by stimulating the flow of saliva, carrots are also a great way to whiten your teeth. Did you know that saliva is your mouth’s natural way of getting rid of tartar buildup and stains caused by food and drinks?


This shockingly red fruit, is a great all-natural way to whiten your teeth. By containing the whitening mineral malic acid, your teeth can become whiter in just 5-10 minutes. Simply crush up some strawberries and rub them on the front of your teeth, leaving them there for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse them off with water. Your smile will be noticeably whiter and healthier too.


High in citric acid, oranges are another fruit that will help whiten your teeth, while giving you an extra dose of vitamin C. However, be careful to not eat too much citrus food like lemons, because although it does have whitening capabilities, citric acid is also strong enough to erode away tooth enamel.

From apples to oranges, these four fruits and vegetables can help give you a whiter smile in an all-natural type of way.

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