4 Ways to Encourage Good Dental Habits for Young Kids

pediatric dentistryEncouraging your little kids to brush their teeth can sometimes feel like you’re herding cats. You end up feeling practically having to chase them around the house and sit on their laps in order to ensure their teeth are clean. Unless you enjoy having a circus feel at your house every morning and every night, it might be time to consider a new approach to dental hygiene.

  1. Incentivize

It might seem like the last resort you want to take, but bribing your kids doesn’t have to be a bad thing. In fact, turn it into a positive and create a dental star chart for your kids. Every time they brush their teeth without a fuss, they can add a star to their chart. Once they get to ten stars, they get to pick out a $5 toy from the toy store.

  1. Make it Fun

Who doesn’t love a good game right in the morning or before bed at night? Turn teeth brushing into a fun game and have a race to see who can get dressed, floss their teeth, and brush their teeth for 60 seconds fastest. The competition might be enough to get your kids into the habit of brushing their teeth.

  1. Time It with a Song

Especially if you have little kids, 60 seconds of brushing seems like an eternity. Instead of counting to 60 or putting a sand timer on the counter, try downloading a fun 60 second song. That way, when the song is up, they know they’re done too!

  1. Let them Pick

Kids love having the independence to pick what they want when they want it. And when it comes to dental care, it’s the opportune time to have your kids pick their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste. For them, it’s virtually like going to the candy store. Plus, every time they brush their teeth, it will hopefully add a smile to their face because they’re brushing with their favorite toothbrush.

Leave the hassle of teeth brushing to the family next door with these four methods. From letting them pick their favorite toothbrush to offering them an incentive, your kids are sure to be excited about brushing their teeth!



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