Your Baby Is Sprouting Teeth? What Now?

tumbsuckingHaving a baby involves a lot of milestones: the first time they slept through the night, the first time they laughed, the first time they smiled, and the first sign of a tooth coming in. Although it might seem like you don’t have to do anything once your little one’s teeth start coming in, that’s far from the truth. Read on to learn more.

Schedule an Appointment

As soon as your baby gets a tooth or two, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nik Zalavadia. Yes, it might seem a bit premature, but the sooner you schedule an appointment with your dentist the better. During your child’s first appointment with Dr. Nik Zalavadia, he will check to see if how your child’s teeth are coming in and if there are any noticable problems right off the bat.

Avoid Sugary Drinks At Bedtime

If your baby is like most, they can’t fall asleep without a bottle full of either milk or juice. And although both milk and juice have vitamins and minerals that are good for your child’s growing body, they are also packed with sugar that can damage their teeth. And if your child is falling asleep with a mouth full of a sugary drink, they are more prone to developing cavities. Once your child starts sprouting teeth, try switching to water in the baby bottle or weening them off of a bottle altogether.

Watch Pacifiers and Thumb Sucking

Both pacifiers and thumb sucking are self soothing mechanisms used by baby’s to calm themselves down after being upset. And although it’s okay to have your little one use a pacifier or suck on their thumb on occassion, if they like to do this all of the time, it could cause potential problems. Both of these actions in fact can cause your child’s teeth to be pushed forward a little bit and they may develop a large gap between their two front teeth. Ask Dr. Nik Zalavadia if he thinks it is anything to worry about.

If your child is starting to sprout teeth, follow the above three suggestions in order to promote better dental health. To learn more, contact Dr. Nik Zalavadia’s office today!



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