Have a Bad Brusher on Your Hands? How to Incentivize Them

brushingSometimes as an adult it can be hard to drag yourself out of bed in order to brush your teeth both morning and night. But when it comes to getting your kids to brush their teeth, it can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. If you have a little one who you practically have to sit on their lap in order to get their teeth brushed, then you may want to look into some tips and tricks to help you out. From choosing a chart to brushing your teeth together, this article will give you a few ways that you can encourage your little one to brush their teeth.

Try a Chart

Kids love routine and they love working towards something. In order to encourage your little one to brush their teeth, try creating a tooth brushing sticker chart— every time they brush their teeth, they get to place a sticker on the chart. Then once they add a certain amount of stickers to their chart, they get an incentive like an ice cream cone or a cheap toy from the dollar store. Let your child pick what treat they would like to work towards before you start the sticker chart— that way they have something concrete to work towards.

Make a Routine

You’re probably already familiar with the fact that children thrive off of routine. If you don’t have both a morning and night time routine, however, it’s never too late to start. As a suggestion for a morning routine, have your child get dressed, eat breakfast, and brush their teeth. As a suggestion for a bedtime routine, have your child take a bath, brush their teeth, get into pajamas, and read a book. By knowing what they can expect both morning and night, they won’t be surprised by the fact that they have to brush their teeth.

Brush Together

Sometimes children don’t want to do something because they don’t see that you’re doing it. Change that sort of thinking and start to brush your teeth both morning and night together. By seeing that even you as the parent have to brush your teeth, they will notice that it is something that they have to do and it’s not optional.

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