Blind Date? How to Freshen Up Your Breath

dental healthBetween dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, it can seem impossible to get the opportunity to sit down face to face with someone and have a conversation. If, however, you have made it past all of the hustle of online dating and, have a real date with someone, you need to make sure you have fresh breath. Read on to learn more.


Okay, so you know that you should be brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice every day but if you want to freshen up your breath, make sure to use mouthwash. Typically composed of an alcohol base, mouthwash will freshen your breath by getting rid of germs and bacteria in your mouth. The more germs and bacteria you have, the more likely your breath is to scare off your new date.

Scrub Your Tongue

When you brush your teeth you are doing more than getting rid of plaque and tartar buildup on your teeth— you are also protecting your mouth from harboring bad breath causing germs. To help you get the fresh breath before your big day, make sure to scrub your tongue with your toothbrush. Even though it may make you gag at first, you shouldn’t have this reflex for long.

Drink Water

Have you ever noticed that when you have dry mouth, your breath smells worse? By keeping your mouth hydrated, you produce more saliva. Saliva is your mouth’s natural defense against bacteria, so the more saliva your mouth has, the better your breath is going to smell. To keep your mouth and body hydrated, make sure that you are drinking at least eight 8-ounce glasses of water every day.

Using mouthwash, scrubbing your tongue, and drinking water are both great ways to freshen up your breath before your big blind date. If you would like to learn more about ways that you can improve your oral health, contact Dr. Nik Zalavadia’s office today.

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