Get a Prom Worthy Smile in 1,2,3

dental bracesWith school in full swing, teenagers everywhere are gearing up for dances like homecoming and prom. From what they’re going to wear to how they are going to do their hair, it can be hard to cover every last detail to ensure that their pictures will last a lifetime. To help get your teen ready for prom this year, make sure that their grin is worthy to show off for decades to come in a picture perfect display.

  1. For those with Braces

If your child still is wearing braces when they have to go to prom, send them off without any added embarrassment to the mix. Make sure that their teeth are rid of any food or plaque and that they have brushed their teeth from top to bottom— after all, nothing is worse than talking to someone who has braces with food lodged in between the brackets.

  1. Whiten That Smile

If your teenager has less than white teeth, make sure you get them into a whitening routine a few weeks leading up to their big dance. First, start by having them use a whitening toothpaste both morning and night— this will help to get rid of any plaque or tartar that has built-up due to things like dark beverages or acidic foods. Then, get your child some over-the-counter whitening strips that will help to take the whitening process to the next level, revealing an even brighter smile. As a last step, encourage your child to touch up their teeth with an over-the-counter whitening pen after each and every meal. Once the day of prom has arrived, their smile will be bright, white, and ready to show off.

  1. Get them Professionally Cleaned

If your child’s bi-annual teeth cleaning happens to fall within a month of prom, schedule it for a week before their big dance. Not only will this help to ensure that they don’t have any cavities or infections building up but it will also leave them with a clean mouth to show off at prom.

By following these three tips, you can help to ensure that your child heads off to their big dance with a smile that’s worth showing off.

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