How to Get Your Whole Family to Smile Brighter

family dentistryAs a parent you understand how hard it can be just to get your kids shoes on, their lunches packed, and them out the door for school each morning. However, as one of the most fundamentally important components of your child’s health, proper dental hygiene is a must. If you want to get your whole family to smile brighter with a healthy smile, try adopting some of these suggestions.

Brush Together After Meals

This is a suggestion that’s only really good for younger kids who don’t yet have their independence. By brushing your teeth together after meals like breakfast and dinner, you can ensure that your child is ridding their mouth of plaque and tartar buildup that could potentially lead to cavities and tooth decay.

Create a Contest

If you have a child or two that simply hates to brush their teeth, consider creating a contest among everyone in the family. Every time a person brushes their teeth without being asked and without complaining, they get to add a star to a chart. Once their start chart is filled up, they get to pick a prize or an activity for the whole family to do together.

Let Them Pick Their Own Gear

Do you remember being a little kid and getting excited over your favorite comic or Disney character? Your kids are likely just the same way. As a fun incentive to get everyone in your family excited about good oral hygiene, let everyone pick out their own, unique toothbrush and toothpaste— parents included!

Sometimes it can seem virtually impossible to keep up with your kids homework, extracurricular activities, school schedule, and even their oral hygiene. However, by making oral hygiene a family affair, you can take the burden off of your back while ensuring that everyone is properly brushing their teeth. To learn more about oral hygiene or to schedule a dental appointment, contact our office today!



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