Hip Hop Hooray, Easter’s On Its Way: 3 Foods to Indulge In For Your Smile

dental smileYou don’t have to be religious to celebrate Easter. In fact, as a largely commercial holiday, people of all different beliefs celebrate Easter for the Easter Bunny himself. Like a season that is filled with sugary foods that can cause dental problems like cavities, it is also the perfect time of year to indulge in healthy foods for your teeth like carrots. Read on to learn more about three foods you should indulge in this season for the health of your smile.


Carrots aren’t just a healthy vegetable for your eyes. In fact, they are healthy for your teeth as well. Every time you bite into a carrot, it brushes against your teeth, wiping away plaque and tartar that has built up throughout the day. Additionally, carrots stimulate your gums and the production of saliva— leaving your mouth cleaner than before.


Baked Brie and cheese plates are especially popular to eat on Easter. Luckily, cheeses— especially hard cheeses— work similarly to carrots by scrubbing your teeth clean. Also, cheese contains a high amount of calcium and phosphates which work to strengthen your teeth and make them healthier all around.


You may think that celery is a snack that only the Easter Bunny likes to indulge in, but it is also healthy for your teeth. By speeding up the production of saliva in your mouth, celery washes away food, bacteria, plaque, and tartar from your teeth— leaving you smiling brighter and healthier.

Yes, Easter is notorious for all of the candy filled Easter baskets, but it is also a holiday that has foods that are healthy for your teeth. This Easter leaves the chocolate bunnies inside and reach for carrots, cheese, and celery instead. To learn more about ways that you can take care of your teeth, contact Dr. Nick Zalavadia!



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