Let Your Mouth Do the Talking This Valentine’s Day

Teeth Whitening & Bleaching Hammonton, NJYes, it may sound kind of awkward to think of your teeth as giving you sex appeal. But let’s face it if you had to choose between kissing someone with a mouth full of clean, sparkly white teeth and someone with the opposite, you would pick the first choice. And, because Valentine’s Day is all about showing your someone special that you love them, why not give them a memorable kiss with a healthy mouth to show for it?

Clean Your Mouth

Okay, so there are a variety of different ways that you can clean your mouth. You can brush your teeth, floss, and swish with mouthwash before you head on your date, or you can come into Dr. Nik Zalavadia office to get your teeth professionally cleaned.

Although you should be good to go with just toothpaste and dental floss, if you haven’t had your teeth professionally cleaned in the past six months, then make sure you schedule your next cleaning while it’s on your mind.

Whiten Up

A clean mouth is a priority when you’re planning your big Valentine’s Day kiss, but a white one comes in second. Here at our Elm Dental Associates office, we use a whitening system called Zoom! This chairside whitening procedure uses a combination of low-intensity light and whitening gel to whiten your teeth up to 6-10 shades whiter in just one hour!

When it comes to leaving a lasting romantic impression on your significant other this Valentine’s Day, let your mouth do all of the talking. With a professional cleaning and a whiter smile, you can give a kiss that will be worth remembering at least until next V-day.

Ready to learn more about our professional cleaning and whitening services? Schedule your next dental consultation at our Hammonton office today at (609) 561-1121.

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