The Power of Water: 3 Things to Look for In a Water Flosser

Dental Hygiene Hammonton, NJYou’ve heard it more times than you can count: flossing your teeth is good for your oral health. However, if flossing your teeth with dental floss is the last thing you want to do both morning and night, you may want to consider a different alternative: a water flosser. By using pressurized water, a water flosser works just as well as traditional dental floss but is often the preferred method. When looking for a water flosser, take the following things into consideration. Read on to learn more.

Interchangeable Brush Heads

If you are planning on having more than one person using your water flosser, look for one that has interchangeable heads— that way everyone can have their flosser brush head. Try marking every brush head with something like a permanent marker or nail polish— that way everyone will know which one is theirs and they won’t get mixed up. Also, remember to wash your brush head every few days and to replace it every couple of months.

Adjustable Pressure

Depending on your budget, look for a water flosser that has adjustable pressure— this will be beneficial in helping you get food out of your teeth (which requires more pressure) and cleaning your teeth every day (which requires a little pressure). The more customizable your water flosser is, the easier it will be to use.


If you do a lot of traveling, or just can’t stand having yet another cord to plug in on your bathroom counter, then look for a water flosser that is cordless. Just like any wireless device,  you will have to charge your water flosser every few weeks depending on use, but they are more convenient.

The good news about water flossers is that there are a variety of different kinds available depending on your budget. If your budget permits, look for a water flosser that has interchangeable brush heads, adjustable pressure, and that is cordless. To learn more about water flossers or to schedule a dental cleaning, contact Dr. Nik Zalavadia today!

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