Root Canal? What to Expect

Root CanalsNothing can be quite as exciting (Well maybe finding out you owe massive amounts in taxes) as sitting in your dentist’s chair and hearing them exclaim, “It looks like you need a root canal!” If you’re one of the unlucky patients who has to undergo a root canal procedure, have no fear. Here’s what to expect:

What does the procedure involve?

During the procedure the area of the mouth where the root canal is going to take place will likely be anesthetized, which means that other than the initial sting of the shot, you shouldn’t feel any pain throughout the procedure. However, because your dentist will be using tools and their hands to place pressure on your teeth. expect to feel some pressure during the entire process.

Once your mouth is numb, your dentist will then remove both the nerve and the pulp under the tooth. After both have been properly removed, the dentist will then fill and seal off the area.

How long does it take to heal?

Expect to return to work within the next day of having your procedure. However, during the few days following your root canal, it’s advised to eat soft foods and take over-the-counter pain medication such as Ibuprofen, advil, or tylenol, because your mouth will be sore and likely swollen afterwards.

Are Root Canals Successful?

Having a 95% success rate, it’s safe to say that root canals are a very successful procedure. Also, as one of the most common dental procedures conducted by dentists every day, you really don’t have much to worry about when getting a root canal.

Getting the news that you have to get a root canal is a giant bummer. However, by understanding the ins-and-outs of the process, you can better prepare yourself for the entire procedure. From what the procedure involves to the overall success rate, the information in this article will make you feel more informed before you step foot in the dentist’s office again.

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